David Koppisch


I am a Licensed Social Worker in Pennsylvania with nearly three decades of experience with individuals, groups and communities of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

I believe in the power of listening to heal and connect. In sessions I am committed to being fully present and to engage in deep listening to and validation of your story. My values include honoring the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. This informs my work with clients.

I work with individuals to find healing, to foster self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. I work with couples to identify and articulate emotions, needs and vulnerabilities more effectively. I help clients work on those areas of life that are changeable, and to accept those which are not. I work with individuals and couples to gain new insights and perspectives on seemingly intractable problems and challenge narratives that no longer work for us. With all clients, I work to help them better understand family history and social context, to rekindle hope, and move towards the life they want to live.

I strive for an integrative approach to therapy, drawing from different models depending on the needs of the client. I incorporate aspects and principles of emotionally focused therapy, systems theory, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and mindfulness. I am particularly interested in working with challenges related to parenting, relationships, masculinity, and mid-life issues; career burn-out and work-life balance; spiritual questioning and searching; grieving and loss; and depression. My goal is to approach the therapeutic journey with humility, curiosity, and collaboration.


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