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About Heal Your Roots Wellness


Our History

  • The journey begins

    Kira Yakubov, LMFT started a solo private group therapy practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yakubov Life Therapy, PLLC started in a one room sublet in Philadelphia.

  • Transition to Telehealth

    As the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to an extended quarantine, Yakubov Life Therapy PLLC transitioned to telehealth first.

  • Heal Your Roots Wellness

    Transition to a group private practice and rebrand to Heal Your Roots Wellness to better reflect the mission and vision.

  • Expand and Grow

    Three new therapists join. First page of Google for Philadelphia Sex Therapy. Start of Heal Your Roots Podcast and YouTube channel.

On a mission to enable therapists


What Drives Us

Sustainable balance of income and professional satisfaction for mental health wellness providers, so they can focus on being the best therapist for their clients.
What Drives Us - Community of Therapists
  • Make Mental Health More Accessible

    Make Mental Health More Accessible Telehealth enables therapists to serve a larger geographic area, therefore, you're more likely to find the right fit for your specific needs once you're free of driving and scheduling limitations

  • Profitable & Sustainable for Therapists

    Being a mental health provider is tough. We strive to help make it more profitable and sustainable for therapists. We take away the worry and provide the support, so therapists can focus on providing the best care for their clients.