Joslyn Justi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hello!  My name is Joslyn Justi, and I am a Pennsylvania based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.   

I enjoy working with individuals and couples to improve their overall satisfaction in relationships both with themselves and others.  Establishing a non-judgmental, safe space for my clients is my number one priority. I believe an effective and rewarding relationship between client and therapist can be created when there is trust, mutual respect, open communication, support throughout difficult times, and empowerment towards future goals. 

I specialize in helping adults with Anxiety Disorders, OCD, perfectionistic tendencies and thought patterns, life transitions, and unrealistic standards that lead to low self-worth.  I help clients distinguish between what’s known as over care and true care, to alleviate intensity of anxiety symptoms. My goal is to help empower my clients to make healthy choices on their own while creating new patterns of interaction.

I also help couples identify the patterns in which they get stuck, the emotional needs underneath their arguments, and what is preventing them from understanding their partners. I utilize strategies that help build mutual trust and emotional safety in order to regulate intense feelings of anxiety, fear, and pain. Through the therapy process, couples will learn how to argue fairly, communicate effectively without escalating into blame or criticism, and improve their listening skills. Couples therapy helps create new and sustainable ways of connecting to one another and nourishing the love and respect in their relationships.

I utilize a systemic approach combined with cognitive challenging, mindfulness and self awareness. Through this process clients will learn how to cope with major life transitions, adjustments, loss of love and affection, increase their self esteem and cope with life’s variety of stressors. Through my experience both personally and clinically, I have come to realize that giving ourselves grace at the end of the day can go a long way. Set up a consultation below to see how we can work together towards a happier and healthier you. 


Thank you,

Joslyn Justi

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