Caitlin Harrison

Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Caitlin Harrison, a Marriage and Family Therapist at Heal Your Roots Wellness. Caitlin is here to support both individuals and couples facing a variety of emotional and relational challenges. Caitlin is committed to creating an authentic connection with her clients, aiming to make them feel not just understood, but truly safe and welcomed in their shared journey. Specializing in helping individuals facing anxiety, Caitlin takes a deep dive into exploring childhood wounds and their impact on present-day life.

Caitlin has experience in assisting clients with trauma. She has a specialized focus on religious trauma, deconstruction, and deconversion. She approaches her work with a deep understanding of the complex journey of deconstruction, recognizing the challenges and conflicts that may arise during this process of questioning and reevaluating one’s beliefs. Caitlin provides a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their evolving individuality. She recognizes that the path of deconstruction involves unpacking layers of identity, grappling with existential questions, and navigating the often intricate relationships with one’s faith community and loved ones.

Caitlin’s approach incorporates Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This innovative technique is particularly suited for individuals who haven’t found success with traditional therapy methods, offering a pathway to process traumatic experiences aligned with their mental health goals.

Caitlin also specializes in working with couples to navigate the intricate dynamics of their partnerships. She works with couples who are facing a broad spectrum of relational challenges including conflict, sex and intimacy issues, coparenting, and infidelity. With a keen understanding of the negative cycles that couples often find themselves entangled in, Caitlin empowers her clients to break free from these patterns and cultivate a more fulfilling connection. Her approach goes beyond surface-level issues, delving into the emotional core of relationships to help couples build a strong and resilient bond. Caitlin guides couples through the process of building a deeper emotional connection and fostering mutual understanding.

Originally from the scenic state of Idaho, Caitlin has recently set roots in Pennsylvania, eagerly extending her compassionate expertise to the local community. With an approach firmly rooted in empathy and understanding, Caitlin is dedicated to helping her clients navigate the intricacies of their experiences. Currently, she has limited availability and warmly welcomes new clients in Pennsylvania who are seeking support on their journey towards healing and growth.

Warm regards,

Caitlin Harrison, M.MFT

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