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Podcast Cover: First Steps…
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FIRST STEPS… Listen in on Heal Your Roots Wellness’ first podcast episode featuring Kira Yakubov, LMFT (Founder and Lead Therapist), Aran Ploshansky (HYRW Director of Growth & Marketing), and Daniela Galdi (Health & Wellness Professional and HYR Podcast Producer).

PART 1 – Getting to know Heal Your Roots Wellness practice, and the partnership behind it with Kira and Aran
PART 2 – Building a therapy practice and intentional lifestyle for themselves and the team
PART 3 – Prioritizing Work/Life balance for all!

Some episode highlights include…The origin story of HYRW, deciding to work together as a married couple, goals and growth for their team and the mental health industry. The day-to-day in supporting and developing a thriving approach for therapists, clients, business, and lifestyle within a group practice. Wearing many hats in a therapy group practice. Uncovering elements of yourself including asking specific questions to prevent burn out. Creating support systems for therapists.  Recognizing therapists as people separate from their profession and getting to know them on a deeper level (interests, personal self-care, etc.)Building what and who you want to be on your own terms to experience growth in all areas of your life. What’s to come for the HYR Podcast…


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