Kira Yakubov

Founder & Lead Therapist

Hi! I’m Kira Yakubov, a Philadelphia-based Licensed Psychotherapist who supports individuals and couples in having healthier relationships with themselves and others. Building a genuine and safe therapeutic relationship with my clients is my top priority. In the therapy room, my goal is for you to feel seen and heard, to explore parts of yourself that may have been hiding due to shame, guilt, or fear, and bring them to light. I believe people are whole beings, with many parts and sides, that are all important and need to be acknowledged. I also spend time learning about your upbringing and family dynamics to help you identify any unhealthy patterns you may be repeating within your relationships today.

Through my own personal journey, I have discovered that knowing and accepting yourself is a superpower that will be your anchor in making decisions and improving the quality of your life and relationships. When you understand, love, and accept yourself, you become less guarded and more open to understanding others. I am here to guide and hold space for you to unpack and transform your emotions, past experiences, and struggles, in order to grow and evolve.

I identify as a cis-gendered, heterosexual, bilingual woman. I moved to America from the former Soviet Union when I was two years old with my family. I speak Russian and have strong ties to my roots. As a first-generation immigrant from a conservative upbringing, I know the impact that conflicting cultural and familial views can have on a person. I am deeply committed to helping folks explore how cultural norms and expectations around gender roles, sexuality, and identity may be contributing to the struggles you continue to experience. I truly believe that embracing and reconnecting with pleasure in our bodies is a healing and beautiful part of the human experience. I encourage and support my clients in exploring their inner worlds and conditioned beliefs around sex, their bodies, and pleasure.

Although the work we will do is serious and heavy at times, there will be plenty of laughter and connection during our sessions. You are the expert of your life and that is why I work collaboratively with you to heal wounds, develop coping strategies, and make sense of what is coming up for you.


Kira Yakubov, LMFT

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