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From time to time, couples and individuals wish to explore their sexuality, gender roles, intimacy issues, and other related topics. If you live in or around Philadelphia, you may wish to book a consultation with Kira Yakubov, a licensed psychotherapist who is based in Philadelphia.  

Using a holistic and evidence based approach, clients can learn to reconnect with their bodies while also communicating their needs. All therapy sessions will be handled in a confidential manner, and in a shame-free and safe environment.

Please note, you do not have to talk about any topic that makes you feel uncomfortable. While you might wish to explore the topic at a later date, there is no pressure on you to do this right now. Your needs and wishes will be respected at all times. Sessions with Kira are always a collaborative effort and she will check in with you around pacing and comfortability.

Who Needs Sex Therapy?

Couples and individuals may decide that they need sex therapy. In some cases, this might be to work on a particular issue or to help strengthen the bond that they have with someone special. Not all sex therapy sessions revolve around sexual problems and issues. In fact, many people find that undergoing this type of therapy helps them to become closer to that special someone or allow themselves to enjoy pleasure.

Using a holistic approach, clients will be encouraged to speak about their experiences. While there might be some shame and embarrassment when discussing these personal issues, communication is kept open so everyone knows where the boundaries are.

What Does Sex Therapy Cover?

Sex therapy covers a wide range of topics. Every couple or individual is different, which means different topics will need to be explored. However, some of the most common topics are:

  • Abuse or trauma (Emotional, physical, sexual, or verbal)
  • Mismatched sex drive
  • Performance anxiety
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Low sexual desire
  • Delayed or premature ejaculation
  • Pain during sex
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Shame or guilt
  • And any other issues or topics that you wish to discuss

Please note that the topics that are discussed during each session are confidential. Kira Yakubov is a licensed psychotherapist who fully understands the need to keep the topics private.

Whether you wish to have a sex therapy session on your own or with your partner, you can. The choice is entirely yours. If you are in a relationship but you do not wish to bring your partner with you, it’s perfectly ok. You can feel at ease, talking about any topics you wish.

Talking About Difficult Topics

There may, of course, be topics that are difficult for you to discuss. Do not worry, you will be encouraged to talk about them when you are ready. You can talk about everything that is causing you concern or one thing at a time. The choice is yours and you can decide when you want to talk about anything. Learning to communicate about your feelings, desires, and needs is a skill that Kira can help you develop.

Kira Yakubov is an experienced psychotherapist and has helped many people. She is used to working with those who wish to talk about sensitive sexual issues. Kira will do her best to put you at ease so you feel more inclined to talk about any sensitive topic that is concerning you.

Misconceptions Surrounding Sex Therapy

Sex therapy has many misconceptions. This is why it is important to dispel them so you know what to expect. When you know what sex therapy really involves, you’ll find it easier to attend each session either in person or virtually.

During the sex therapy session, there will be no physical examinations, no nudity, and no touching between the therapist and the client or clients. You will not be pressured to do or say anything you do not want to do.

In many respects sex therapy is like a lot of other types of therapy, it is just the topic that is slightly different

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If you live in or around Philadelphia, please contact Kira Yakubov today. If you have concerns about sex, issues with gender roles, sexuality, intimacy difficulties, or anything else, Kira can help you. You may even find that the secure and safe environment makes you feel more at ease than you imagined.

Contact Kira today for a consultation so you too can begin to work on those issues that are troubling you.

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