Safe Exercise During Pregnancy: Myths and Facts

Podcast Cover: Safe Exercise During Pregnancy: Myths and Facts
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Dive deep into the world of prenatal fitness and nutrition with special guest Amanda Matrisciano, a certified personal trainer with expertise in pre and postnatal training.

0:00 – Introduction to personal training, pregnancy, and nutrition with Amanda Matrisciano
2:09 – Amanda’s journey into personal training and certification in pre and postnatal fitness
7:43 – Safe exercise during pregnancy: Debunking myths and providing personalized advice
12:53 – Postpartum recovery: Essential fitness tips and mental coaching
17:36 – Postpartum recovery and pelvic floor exercises for natural birth and C-section
22:42 – Mental and physical benefits of exercise with a personal trainer
24:53 – The importance of accountability and community in fitness
30:15 – Fitness, self-care, and positive body image after pregnancy
35:47 – Healthy eating habits and self-care for mothers
41:23 – Balancing nutrition and cravings during pregnancy
46:36 – fitness journey and her baking business

Explore the mental and physical benefits of staying active during pregnancy, debunk common exercise myths, and gain valuable tips for postpartum recovery. Amanda shares personal experiences and expert advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle before and after childbirth.

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Please Note: This episode is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new fitness or nutrition program.



**0:00 – Personal Training, Pregnancy, and Nutrition with Amanda Matrisciano**
– Introduction to the episode’s focus on prenatal fitness and nutrition with insights from Amanda Matrisciano.

**2:09 – Personal Training Certification and Pregnancy Fitness**
– Journey into personal training began after college due to feeling unhealthy and wanting change.
– Obtained additional certification in pre and postnatal training to support pregnant clients.
– Provided guidance and reassurance to pregnant clients, emphasizing mental and emotional benefits of staying active.
– Tailored workouts to each client’s fitness level and comfort, focusing on mental and emotional well-being.

**7:43 – Safe Exercise During Pregnancy and Postpartum: Debunking Myths and Providing Personalized Advice**
– Women who work out during pregnancy often feel mentally better and more confident postpartum.
– Gradual exercise resumption recommended by pelvic floor specialists, even for those who exercised before.
– Lower impact workouts, like bodyweight or lighter weights, help stay active during pregnancy.
– Discuss myths about pregnancy exercises with a doctor due to lack of scientific evidence for some restrictions.

**12:53 – Postpartum Recovery and Exercise**
– Advising new mothers to let their core recover post-birth.
– Emphasizing self-care during the postpartum period.
– Helping new mothers ease back into exercise, focusing on pelvic floor and stability training to prevent low back and hip pain.
– Using visual aids and slow movements to gradually build core strength and confidence, even for those who didn’t exercise before pregnancy.

**17:36 – Postpartum Recovery and Pelvic Floor Exercises for Natural Birth and C-Section**
– Sharing personal experiences with pelvic floor recovery post-birth, emphasizing small movements and walking.
– Encouraging prioritization of movement, even small walks, for postpartum recovery and well-being.
– Natural birth recovery focuses on core healing, while C-section recovery prioritizes incision healing and postpartum care.
– C-section recovery can be slower and more painful, typically taking 4-6 weeks before resuming exercise.

**22:42 – Postpartum Fitness: Focusing on Recovery and Mental Coaching**
– Importance of listening to the body and avoiding overexertion during postpartum recovery.
– Using mental coaching and setting milestones to help clients feel progress and strength without focusing on losing baby weight.

**24:53 – Mental and Physical Benefits of Exercise with a Personal Trainer**
– Benefits of private training include mental health support and accountability.
– Highlighting the sense of community and connection in group fitness classes.
– Accountability of working out with others is crucial for mental and physical health benefits.
– Personal trainers provide positive reinforcement and help individuals push themselves harder.

**30:15 – Fitness, Self-Care, and Body Image**
– Emphasizing self-belief and perseverance through challenges.
– Retraining the mind is crucial as it can trick us into thinking we can’t finish.
– Importance of focusing on strength and health rather than weight loss post-pregnancy.
– Experiences with clients struggling with disordered eating and the impact of tracking weight on mental health.

**35:47 – Healthy Eating Habits and Self-Care for Mothers**
– Focusing on internal health rather than external appearance.
– Encouraging self-love and avoiding comparisons to others.
– Emphasizing listening to one’s body and making healthy choices that feel good, rather than following strict diets or social media advice.
– Encouraging parents to prioritize their health and fitness, rather than relying on convenience foods or letting children dictate their diets.

**41:23 – Nutrition and Cravings During Pregnancy: Finding a Balance Between Healthy Habits and Cravings**
– Struggles with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, highlighting the importance of consistency and routine.
– Personal experiences with cravings and unhealthy food choices during pregnancy.
– Balancing nutrition and cravings for optimal health, focusing on protein intake during pregnancy.

**46:36 – Fitness, Wellness, and Baking with Amanda Christiana**
– Encouraging finding a safe space and starting small, even with just a 10-minute walk.
– Sharing Amanda Christiana’s fitness journey and tips for beginners.
– Discussing Amanda’s baking business, Celestial Baked Goods, named after her dogs, selling bread and muffins in the Philly area.

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