Kira Y Ploshansky, LMFT, Co-Founder and Group Practice Owner

Kira Y Ploshansky, LMFT

Co-Founder, Therapist, & Therapy Group Practice Owner

Kira Ploshansky, LMFT is the dedicated Co-Founder, Chief Clinical Officer, Lead Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor at Heal Your Roots Wellness. With extensive experience in clinical practice and a deep passion for mental health, Kira plays a pivotal role in shaping the therapeutic services offered by Heal Your Roots Wellness.


Career Journey – From Therapy Student to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)


Starting in Mental Health

Kira’s journey into the field of mental health began with a robust educational foundation. She holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and has accumulated years of clinical experience. Kira is a licensed therapist in both Florida and Pennsylvania.


Moving to Group Private Practice

Kira started her career in Philadelphia, PA, where she honed her skills in therapeutic interventions, client care, and clinical supervision by working in various group private practice settings. These experiences allowed her to develop a deep understanding of client needs and effective therapeutic strategies.


Starting a Private Practice in Philadelphia

Building on her extensive experience, Kira founded her own private practice in Philadelphia. Here, she provided personalized care to a diverse clientele, further refining her expertise in marriage and family therapy. Her practice quickly grew, becoming known for its compassionate and effective therapeutic services.


Starting a Group Practice | Expanding to Heal Your Roots Wellness

Recognizing the need for a more supportive and comprehensive approach to mental health care, Kira co-founded Heal Your Roots Wellness. As the Chief Clinical Officer, she oversees the clinical operations of this group practice, ensuring the highest standards of client care and developing innovative therapeutic programs. Kira’s leadership and expertise have been instrumental in establishing Heal Your Roots Wellness as a trusted provider of mental health services.


Vision and Philosophy of Building a Business Focused on the Therapist and Clinician

Kira’s vision for Heal Your Roots Wellness is centered on the belief that mental health services should be comprehensive, compassionate, and readily accessible. She emphasizes creating a therapeutic environment where clients feel supported and understood. Kira’s empathetic approach to therapy focuses on fostering genuine connections with clients and providing tailored interventions that meet their unique needs.


Clinical Supervision and Education

Kira serves as the Clinical Supervisor and Liaison for the Florida International University Internship program at Heal Your Roots Wellness. In this role, she provides guidance and mentorship to interns, ensuring they gain valuable clinical experience and professional growth. Kira’s dedication to training the next generation of therapists underscores her commitment to advancing the field of mental health.



Mental Health Podcast Interviewing Therapists and Wellness Professionals

Heal Your Roots Podcast cover - a mental health podcastKira is the co-founder and main host of the Heal Your Roots Podcast, where she explores various mental health topics alongside her co-hosts and guests. The podcast features interviews with mental health professionals, personal stories, and discussions on the latest trends in mental wellness. Through this platform, Kira aims to provide listeners with valuable insights, practical advice, and support for their mental health journeys.


Published Author of Couple’s Workbook

Deeper Connecting Couples Workbook now on Amazon

In addition to her clinical work, Kira is the co-author of the Deeper Connecting Couple’s Workbook. This

comprehensive guide is designed to help couples enhance their relationships through effective communication and deeper emotional connections. The workbook offers exercises, reflections, and strategies that couples can use to strengthen their bond and navigate the complexities of their relationships.



Contact Information for Kira Yakubov Ploshansky, LMFT

To learn more about Kira Ploshansky’s work or to connect with her, visit her LinkedIn profile, learn more about Kira Yakubov Ploshansky, LMFT the therapist here, or email her at [email protected].