Aran Ploshansky, Co-Founder & CEO of Telehealth Mental Health

Aran Ploshansky

Co-Founder and CEO of Mission Driven Telehealth Mental Health Startup

Aran Ploshansky is the innovative Co-Founder and CEO of Heal Your Roots Wellness Inc., a cutting-edge mental health practice that blends telehealth technology with exceptional therapeutic services. With a strong background in digital marketing, brand strategy, and business development, Aran is committed to revolutionizing mental health care by making it more accessible and sustainable.


Career Journey and Expertise Leading to Starting a Mental Health Business

Aran’s journey to founding Heal Your Roots Wellness began with a solid educational foundation in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for wellness, Aran co-founded Heal Your Roots Wellness to combine his marketing expertise with a dedication to mental health professionals.

As CEO, Aran is responsible for the strategic direction and operational success of Heal Your Roots Wellness. Aran’s innovative approach to digital marketing and brand strategy has significantly enhanced the company’s online presence and client engagement.


Vision and Philosophy towards Mental Health Profession

Aran’s vision for Heal Your Roots Wellness centers on the belief that mental health services should be accessible, supportive, and technologically advanced. He emphasizes creating a welcoming environment where clients can receive the help they need without stigma. Aran’s empathetic leadership style focuses on building meaningful connections with clients and fostering a supportive workplace culture for therapists.


Telehealth and Technology Integration and Mental Health Services

Aran is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance mental health services. He has led the development and implementation of telehealth solutions at Heal Your Roots Wellness, making mental health care more accessible to a broader audience. His commitment to telehealth and technology integration has enabled the company to provide seamless, effective care to clients regardless of their location.


Innovative Business Model for Entrepreneurial Therapists

Aran has been instrumental in developing the unique “Therapy Practice as a Service” model at Heal Your Roots Wellness. This model provides therapists with the freedom of independent contracting while offering the support of a group practice. This approach includes comprehensive services such as credentialing, billing, scheduling, marketing, and technology support, aimed at reducing burnout and improving therapist satisfaction.


Additional Ventures as Founder in the Mental Health Space 

Aran is also the co-founder of the Heal Your Roots Podcast, where he explores various mental health topics, shares insights from professionals in the field, and provides valuable resources for individuals seeking to improve their mental well-being. Additionally, he is the publisher of the “Deeper Connecting Couple’s Workbook,” a comprehensive guide designed to help couples enhance their relationships through effective communication and deeper emotional connection.


Mental Health Podcast Production 

Heal Your Roots Podcast cover - a mental health podcast

Aran is the Co-Founder of the Heal Your Roots Podcast, a platform where he and his co-hosts delve into various mental health topics. The podcast features interviews with mental health professionals, personal stories, and discussions on the latest trends in mental wellness. Through this podcast, Aran aims to provide listeners with valuable insights, practical advice, and support for their mental health journeys. Check out the podcast on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform. 



Deeper Connecting Couple’s Workbook

In addition to his work in telehealth and digital marketing, Aran is the publisher of the Deeper Connecting Couple’s Workbook. This comprehensive guide is designed to help couples enhance their relationships through effective communication and deeper emotional connections. The workbook offers exercises, reflections, and strategies that couples can use to strengthen their bond and navigate the complexities of their relationships.


Contact Information for Aran Ploshansky

To learn more about Aran Ploshansky’s work or to connect with him, visit his LinkedIn profile or email him at [email protected].